Directional tyres are marked on the tyre’s sidewall. You will see the word “Rotation” or “Direction” written with a small arrow which indicates the tyre’s rolling direction.

Directional tyres have a “V” shaped profile as opposed to a “U” profile. This not only looks sporty, but also fulfils a special function: the shape of the tread grooves ensure that any water is channelled very quickly onto the road and discharged immediately to the outside.

This feature gives protection against aquaplaning and also ensures stability at high speeds. It is effective on snow-covered ground as well, which is why winter tyres are often directional.

Directional tyres offer the following advantages:

  • Very good mileage on wet roads and better protection against aquaplaning
  • Especially good traction, even at high speeds
  • Good handling in snow or mud
  • Very quiet when driving
  • Attractive appearance

Directional tyres are not suitable for use as a spare tyre. This is because they are rim-dependent. This means that, as they are mounted on the rim, the tyres are only suitable for one side of the vehicle and cannot be used flexibly on either side in the event of a breakdown.