The world of customising illustrated in pictures. Step 1: The wheel arrives and gets prepped… Step 2: The wheel gets primer Step 3: The wheel gets painted with a base colour and is masked Step 4: The wheel is painted with the second colour Step 5: After a final clearContinue Reading

The dirt that settles on your wheels from brake dust, tar and other elements can scratch and even pit the wheel surface permanently. Here are some tips on keeping your wheels clean: Cleaning tip #1: Never use abrasive cleaners, polishing compounds, or steel wool to clean alloy wheels. Use a speciallyContinue Reading

1) Rinse the wheels with water to remove dirt 2) Rub the wheels with a wet sponge 3) Clean the wheel using mag wheel cleaner or oven cleaner 4) Rinse the cleaner off with water… 5) Dry the wheels using a microfiber cloth 6) Remove stubborn stains using our previousContinue Reading

Gauteng is about to head into the rainy season and with it is sure to come accidents and long, aggrevating traffic delays. Let’s try to keep you and your family safe on the roads this summer…. Studies conducted by the AA Foundation for road safety in the United Kingdom showContinue Reading