Mag wheel cleaning tips

The dirt that settles on your wheels from brake dust, tar and other elements can scratch and even pit the wheel surface permanently. Here are some tips on keeping your wheels clean:

Cleaning tip #1: Never use abrasive cleaners, polishing compounds, or steel wool to clean alloy wheels. Use a specially made wheel brush if you must use one.

Cleaning tip #2: Wait to wash your wheels until the car is cooled off, so the heat doesn’t evaporate the water, leaving soap spots on the wheels. Also, spraying your wheel area when it’s hot may warp your brake discs

Cleaning tip #3: Do not steam-clean your wheels, as this can harm the finish.

Cleaning tip #4: After cleaning the wheels, be sure to change cleaning cloths or sponges, so you don’t scrape the car’s finish with the particles that came off the wheels.

Cleaning tip #5: For rust spots, wet some aluminum foil with Coca Cola and lightly sand the wheels. Be careful not to scratch the surface.

Cleaning tip #6: Clean grease from your wheels with vinegar. Use either cider or white vinegar, as both remove grease

Cleaning tip #7: Apply lemon juice to the wheels to make them shine. Let the lemon juice sit on the wheels for 10 minutes, and rinse it off with water