Q: Do you repair damaged aluminum rims?

A: Yes, upon a visual inspection, we are able to assess if it is repairable or not.

Q: How much does it cost to repair a wheel?

A: This depends on the size of the wheel and the extent of the damage.

Q: My wheel is scratched, it has curb damage. Can you repair this?

A: Yes, we can do cosmetic repairs.

Q: Can you match the colour of my wheel?

A: Yes. If there are any problems, we will inform you up front.

Q: My wheel is polished can you polish wheels?

A: Yes. We offer high polish and low polish.

Q: My wheel is machined (diamond cut) can you match this?

A: Yes. We are able to do diamond cutting of rims in house.

Q: My wheel is bent, do you repair bent (dented) alloy wheels/rims?

A: Yes, but visual inspection is required in order to assess if it’s safe to repair.

Q: My wheel is bent on the front (spoke side) can you straighten this?

A: Yes, however the wheel will require visual inspection to ensure that it is not cracked or laterally bent.

Q: How long does it take to straighten a bent / buckled wheel?

A: This is dependant on the size of the wheel and how badly the wheel is damaged.

Q: What is Road Force balancing?

A: Road Force Balancing is our way of making certain that a wheel is running straight according to industry specifications. We can also determine if there are any issues with your tyre that may also cause you to feel a vibration when you drive.

Q: Do you Powder Coat?

A: No

Q: I want to paint my wheels a new colour can you help me out?

A: Yes. Customisation is available.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

No if you need to drop off wheels or have them inspected. Walk-ins are welcome.

Q: Can you refurbish aftermarket wheels to look like new?

A: Yes, in most cases, also dependant on the visual inspection of the damage.

Q: Can you refurbish split rims (2-piece) wheels?

A: Yes, although a visual inspection is required to assess the damage first.

Q: My wheel is chrome do you repair chrome wheels?

A: We can straighten a chrome wheel, but we do not re-chrome wheels.

Q: Do you repair cracked wheels?

A: It depends were the wheel is cracked and the severity of the crack. Again, visual inspection is required.

Q: Why don’t you repair wheels that are cracked on the spoke or face of the wheel?

A: Structural integrity of the rim and safety of our customers are our main concern.

Q: Are you mobile or do I have to come to you?

A: Yes we are mobile, but walk-ins are welcome.

Q: Do you re-drill bolt/lug holes to change the bolt pattern?

A: No and we do not recommend doing this.

Q: Do you widen wheels?

A: No and we do not recommend doing this.

Q: Why do mag wheels bend or dent quite easily?

A: Mag wheels are made of aluminium which is a relatively soft and light material. In some cases, where rims are fitted with low profile tyres, the side wall thickness does not give enough cushioning effect as a large profile tyre would. In many modified vehicles that have lowered or modified suspensions, the springs can be very hard, adding pressure impact to the wheels when hitting a pothole.

Q: Can a diamond cut wheel be polished?

A: Yes it can, however this is not recommended, as once polished, the diamond face finish can not be achieved again.