Slick tyres

Slick tyres are tyres with limited to no tread and are used in racing. Their surface is smooth, without grooves, so they have high levels of grip and more direct rubber contact with the ground. This generates more power, which helps cars accelerate faster. Since there is no tread pattern, slick tyre tread does not deform when under load. This allows the tyre to be constructed from softer compounds, without excessive overheating and blistering.

Modern day slick tyres have now developed particular performance qualities in a specific window of temperatures. They become sticky when accumulating enough heat, giving much greater adhesion to the road surface. This does, however, mean slicks wear out much quicker than other tyres and are highly unsuitable for gritty or rough surfaces.

An important function of tyre grooves is to dissipate water while you’re driving. Without grooves, a tyre is going to have a hard time coping in the wet.

One of the main reasons racing slicks are illegal for daily use is because their smooth surface makes them slippery and dangerous in wet conditions.= and can lead to aquaplaning.

Under South African law, your treads must be at least 1.6mm deep around the tyre’s circumference.