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Rims that are buckled are straightened by heat application and spinning.

Wheels that are cracked, chipped or have pieces missing, need to be welded and ground before being heated and spun. This technique is only used when the rim of the wheel is damaged, but the face is unspoiled.


Chrome finishes, custom paint and diamond facing are available.

The lip of the wheel can be polished to a high sheen or satin finish.

MagWheel Surgeon staff relish the challenge of customising wheels, but safety is paramount and no jobs that effect the integrity of the wheel will be undertaken.


When the face of the wheel has been damaged, the wheel needs to undergo refurbishing.

The wheel will first be repaired and then acid dipped and cleaned under a high pressure. Once all paint and debris is removed, the wheel is sanded, primed and quick baked before being painted.

Paint is applied in a specialised spray booth using Standox paints. The paint is guaranteed not to peel, fade or discolour.